Consultant Recruitment

Qualifications for Post-Graduate Recruitment


1) Diploma from a 4-year university
2) Ability to conduct business in Japanese
3) Ability to conduct business in English

* If you are non-native speaker of Japanese, you must have passed the N1 Level of the of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or the equivalent Level 1 of its previous version. The JLPT is administrated by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) in Japan and by the Japan Foundation overseas.
How to Apply

Applications may be sent via e-mail to recruit (at) ped.co.jp, with the following attached documents:

1. Personal resume
2. Work experience resume
3. Written Statements:
a) Purpose of application (1 page, A4/Letter size)
b) Personal introduction/strengths/attributes (1 page, A4/Letter size)
*There are no requirements for font or format.

We will contact potential candidates within two weeks of receiving your application and documents. We request that you keep all information during the recruitment process confidential. We will only use documents provided and personal information for no other reason but recruitment purposes. However, there may be cases where our certified social insurance labor consultant, who has a binding confidential agreement with our company, will have access to this information. However, these documents and the personal information enclosed will not be utilized in any way outside of recruitment.


Type of Employment Full-time employee
* 3-month probationary period, however salary will remain the same.
Location Kojun Building. 8F 6-8-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Transportation Tokyo Metro Ginza Station: 3-minute walk from exit B3, 5-minute walk from exit A2.
Benefits -Full transportation commute allowance
-Social insurance coverage (employment insurance, workman’s compensation, health insurance, welfare pension)
-Additional expensable allowances
Holidays and leaves -Five-day workweek
-National holidays
-Golden week holiday
-Annual paid leave
Selection Process -Screening of application materials
 * Interview date and starting date are negotiable