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We have provided corporate analysis reports on over 100 corporations, from companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange to unlisted companies.

We quickly collect and organize necessary information for decision making, and deliver the implications for next step.

Growing power in the domestic market has declined and environment surrounding corporation is changing rapidly. Under such condition, there are increasing needs for the management to understand environmental changes to go one step ahead of the time. Companies that are realizing business growth under such low economic condition are the ones who accurately understand the status of their own organizations, market, competitors, and customer trend, and make the right decisions for the "next step". At the same time, it is true that it has become very difficult to get a clear view of the current status considering the complicated market environment and competitors as well as changes in customer preferences.

We provide support to our clients to visualize business environment and internal status of their companies by utilizing strong organization/visualization techniques, conducting secondary information gathering and massive field study. Although our analysis are advanced and highly complicated, we offer simplified output to the clients with information which lead to resolving their underlying problems. Our researches are "to result in resolution" or "to lead to execution," and very unique in style that are only offered by consulting firm.

Research Experiences

Industrial Goods Market(17)

  • Transportation Equipment Ind.
  • Iron/Steel/Nonferrous Metal Ind.
  • Construction Materials/ Residential Facility Industry
  • Electrical Material Ind. (global)
  • Page Printer Industry
  • Recording Media Industry
  • Machine Tools/Industrial Robot
  • Auto Parts Industry
  • Electronic Parts Industry
  • Pump Industry
  • Thermostat Industry
  • Condenser Industry
  • PC Board Industry
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Industrial Filter Industry
  • Chemical Industry (Rubber/Nanotech)
  • Optical Pickup Lens Industry

Consumer Goods Market (24)

  • Food Industry
  • Apparel Industry
  • Diary Product Industry
  • Footwear (Manufacturing
  • Beverage Industry
  • Confectionery Industry
  • Baby Goods Industry
  • Lady’s Apparel Industry
  • Utility Software Industry
  • Mobile Phone Handset Industry
  • Men’s Toupee Industry
  • Luxury Brand Industry
  • Jeans Casual Clothes Industry
  • LCD Monitor Industry
  • Contact Lens Industry
  • Housing Material Industry
  • Pet/Pet Food Industry
  • Digital Home Electrics Industry
  • Housing Industry
  • Vegetable Juice Industry
  • Sports Watch Industry
  • Sports Sunglasses Industry
  • Mobile Phone Industry
  • Automobile Industry

Service Market (19)

  • Prep-school/English School Ind.
  • Study Abroad Placement Industry
  • Nursing Care Industry
  • Travel Agency Industry
  • Private Preparatory School Ind.
  • Fitness Club Industry
  • Cooking School Industry
  • Funeral Home Industry
  • Reform Industry
  • System Integration Industry
  • Net Venture Industry
  • Intellectual Property Related Ind.
  • Outplacement Industry
  • Payroll Accounting Service Ind.
  • Construction/Maintenance Ind.
  • Training Industry
  • Business Convenience Industry
  • Data Input Industry
  • Call Center/BPO Industry

Dist/Retail/ Restaurants (24)

  • Bicycle Retailer Industry
  • Apparel SPA Industry
  • Commercial Supermarket Ind.
  • GMS Industry
  • Convenience Store Industry
  • Telecommunication Sales Ind.
  • Home Center Industry
  • Home Electronics Retailer Ind.
  • Two-wheel Product Chain Ind.
  • Sushi Chain (Restaurant/Home Meal)
  • Gas Station, LPG Sales Industry
  • Drug Store Industry
  • Food Supermarket Industry
  • Restaurant Industry
  • TV Shopping Industry
  • Fast Food Chain Industry
  • Dispensing Pharmacy Industry
  • Co-op Industry
  • UK Home Electronics Retailers
  • Furniture Retailer Industry
  • Family Restaurant Industry
  • Book Store Industry
  • Children’s Apparel Industry
  • Men’s Apparel Industry

Finance/Real Estate/ Transportation Market (12)

  • Life/Nonlife Insurance Industry
  • Nonlife Insurance System
  • Point Service Industry
  • Electronic Money Industry
  • Credit Card Industry
  • Internet Accounting Industry
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Cool Pack Distribution Industry
  • Light Weight Cargo Distribution
  • Distribution(3PL, Forwarder) Ind.
  • Rail (Major Private Railways) Ind.
  • Marine Transportation Industry

Health Care Market (33)

  • Health Food OEM Industry
  • Diagnostic Product Industry
  • Drugs/Medicine (for Medical Institutions) Industry
  • OTC Drug Industry
  • Generic Drug Industry
  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Supplement Industry
  • Hospital Industry
  • Supplement (for Vision) Industry
  • Supplement Food Industry
  • Clinical Trial Industry
  • Intermediate of Medicine
  • Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin
  • Digital X-ray Equipment Industry
  • Capsule Endoscope Industry
  • Medical Equipment Wholesale Ind.
  • Dental Equipment Wholesale Ind.
  • Sanitary Inspection Sheet Ind.
  • Vitamin K2(Contains)
  • Eye Drops Industry
  • Minimally Invasive Endoscope
  • Endometriosis Medicine Industry
  • Lab Coat/Sanitary Gown Ind.
  • Oral Care Industry
  • Functional Gum/Candy Industry
  • Bio-pharmaceutical Industry
  • Bio-product Trading Industry
  • Collagen (contain) Industry
  • Antilipemic/Antiobesity Drug Ind.
  • Chromatography Industry
  • Na-adsorption Agent Industry
  • Dermatitis Medicine Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Patent Industry

Leisure/Entertainment Market (9)

  • Cable TV Industry
  • Satellite/Consignment Broadcasting Industry
  • Pachinko Machine Parts Industry
  • Mobile Contents Service Industry
  • Media Contents Industry
  • Amusement Facility Industry
  • Movie Tie-in Games Industry
  • Pachinko/Pachisuro/Game Ind.
  • Research on Wealthy Individuals

Sample of Reports

Our output is not a simple research or a collection of data. We structure the information obtained by our study thoroughly, and visualize the current status of the market, competitors, customers, and internal situation. We clarify the present situation first, then deliver the implication for the next step.

Example of Business Environment Analysis
Market Size/Trend
Industry Structure
Competitors / Players
Customers / Trend
Business / Product / Fin / Dist
Business Performance / Trend
Strength / Weakness / Risks
Example of Internal Analysis
Cost Structure by Distribution
Project portfolio analysis (Trading Company)
Resource Analysis for Call Center (Service)
Channel Profitability Analysis (Consumer Product)
Example of Field Study
  • Store Overview
  • Evaluation Sheet (1)
  • Evaluation Sheet (2)
  • Zoning Layout Diagram
  • Photo: Exterior
  • Photo: Inside of Store
  • Market Area Information
  • Market Area Map
Voice of Client

[Logistics] "Since I was provided with information backed by facts, from new findings to things I was vaguely aware of, I became very clear and overcame any hesitation."

[Service] "We have been discussing issues based on individual's own understandings. However, since we were able to grasp the present situation clearly, we were able to build a consensus."

[Service] "I am grateful for their work to visualize our current situation which has become extremely complicated. We can now examine the ideas to resolve the problem."

[Private Equity Funds] "We were surprised of the speed of their work - they completed the field study involving all chain stores and competitors in just 2 weeks! I have never seen such thorough field study."

Most of the problems can be resolved if problems are visualized

In most cases, if visibility increases, feasible strategy can be determined

“Whole”×”Individual” and “Number”×”Field” are the opposite points of observation. See through the situation with compounded/multidimensional views

What P&E can do to visualize the problem

Develop a strategy by quickly organizing all of the information necessary for decision-making