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Overseas Expansion Support

We provide powerful and continuous support for your successful business expansion in Asia.

While Japanese economy is hit by sluggish growth, the markets of Asian countries are showing rapid expansion and the Asian impact on global economy has become bigger than ever. Although conducting business in the growing market is the basic rule for corporate growth, it is not an easy task to become deeply rooted in the Asian market as well as to establish competitive edge in the global market. There are many issues to consider with regards to overseas expansion: how to develop business in the local market, what to do with employee training, who are the target customers, how to establish and maintain infrastructure for company operation, etc. P&E Directions conducts researches and studies necessary in the Asian market on behalf of our clients, and supports developing business and marketing strategies. We also conduct customer study in overseas market by utilizing resources in our alliance companies with excellent track records and offices in major Asian countries like Singapore to provide business support locally. We have the structure to meet various needs of our clients with regards to Asian expansion.

Overseas Expansion Projects

We have a track record of numerous overseas expansion projects focused in Asia.

Overseas Expansion Projects
Manufacturing SIer

Business strategy development/business launch in China

Market research for developing business strategy in Asia

Pharmaceutical Company

Development and execution of China market entry strategy by OTC Div.

Health Food Manufacturer

Development of China business strategy

E-Commerce Company

Business launch in China

Industrial Product Company

Singapore market entry/Incorporation of local enterprise in Singapore

Human Resources

“Japanese business mannerism training” business launch in China

Cosmetics Manufacturer

Asia business planning

Chemical Product Company

OEM business development of supplement/functional food in N. America

Snack Product Manufacturer

Business development (planning and sales proposal) involving major mass
retailers in North America

Telecom SIer

Partnership with North American corporations

BPO Vender

Development and execution of alliance strategy with North American co.

Electronic Manufacturer

Planning and execution of partnership strategy with US/European co.

Apparel Manufacturer

Development of sales model for overseas department stores

Support for Overseas Market Entry Provided by P&E Directions

We have a track record of numerous overseas expansion projects focused in Asia.

Characteristics of Overseas Business Expansion Supported by P&E

One of P&E Advantages is that our consultants who develop and examine the strategy in Japan will accompany the clients to the local site and provide continuous and consistent support throughout the project. In order to provide not only the strategy development but also specific support necessary for the execution stage, we have established a regional network to prepare our own resources in Asia.

Project Image: From Market Entry Consideration to Actual Market Entry

・In the above business launch project, assign roles at each work step and move the project forward

・With regard to project management (work design/PDCA), P&E will conduct the leading role

Alliance with SCS Global and Hejun Consulting

In addition to our offices in China and Singapore, we have numerous alliances with local companies in China, South East Asia and South India in order to prepare our organization to effectively support our clients’ business growth regardless of their Japanese or foreign status.

→The detail of our overseas network is as follows

Case Study: Overseas Expansion Support