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M&A Related Support - Business Due Diligence -

We have been conducting a few dozens of business due diligence (Business DD) every year. We provide flexible and speedy service based on our experience and track record.

We have trusting relationships with buyout funds and have provided numerous Business DD in the past.

Our industry coverage is extensive with 31 industries out of 33 industries listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange, which indicates our accumulated knowledge and in-depth experiences.

Industry Coverage *Including Consulting and Research Projects
  • Rubber Products

  • Glass/Ceramics

  • Steel

  • Nonferrous Metal

  • Metal Product

  • Machinery

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Transportation Equipment

  • Precision Equipment

  • Land Transportation

  • Shipping

  • Air Transportation

  • Warehouse/Transportation

  • Information/

  • Wholesale

  • Retail

  • Banking

  • Securities/Commodities Trading

  • Insurance

  • Other Financial Business

  • Real Estate

  • Service

Case Study: Business Due Diligence

Conducted a wide variety of projects involving retail/manufacturing/services for numerous funds and business entities

  • Apparel

  • Super Market

  • Drug Store

  • Home Electronics Retailer

  • Safety Control System

  • Equipment Work

  • General Merchandise Manufacturing

  • Press Work

  • Information Device/Equipment

  • Electric Parts

  • Travel Agency

  • Amusement Facility

  • Private Preparatory School

  • Swimming School

  • Service for Restaurants

  • Consulting

  • Land Transportation (Cargo)

  • Land Transportation (Passengers)

  • Rental Car Business

  • Web Service

  • SI/Software

  • Data Center

Report ready in a few weeks

We have all the necessary tools and know-how for conducting Business DD in a shortest period of time. Tasks in Business DD include data gathering by using secondary information and external network, determination of key points, organization of information for template and quantitative analysis, and project management.

Customize according to the client's needs and characteristic of the project

We define the scope and depth of the study, determine the duration necessary, and provide the best members for the project according to the situation and characteristics of the project. We customize each project accordingly by selecting best-fit approach and analysis.

【Output Images】

【Business Model Research】
【Scenario Analysis】
【Business Plan Due Diligence】

【Output Images】

【Channel Analysis】
【Performance Analysis】
【Supply Chain/Information System Research】
【Business Plan DD】

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Available for medium/small sized projects

Accounting firms focus on Financial DD and major consulting firms assume large size projects: many clients with medium/small size project cannot find a consultant considering the cost of Business DD. Such problem can be resolved by P&E Directions.

We do not eliminate projects by size and we have a track record of conducting numerous medium/small size projects. We have established different method applicable to medium/small size projects in order to conduct Business DD with shortest duration in a flexible manner.

Identifiable Risks by Conducting Business DD

Case Study: Business DD