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M&A Related Support

From M&A strategy development to business due diligence and EXIT support.

Many of our M&A support and M&A process consulting projects are requested by business companies and investment funds, and our services have been highly evaluated from our clients.

In order to conduct M&A successfully, we must prepare clear answers to big questions such as "why M&A?" or "what would be the growth strategy after M&A?"

If the client is not used to conducting M&A, we must verify with our client on various issues such as how they want to proceed with negotiation, what are the actual status of the targeting companies, what is the estimated impact by M&A, what is the adequate acquisition price, etc. Furthermore, the management after M&A is one of the major factors to determine the success of M&A. We provide consulting service to a series of processes involving M&A such as development of M&A strategy, business due diligence, M&A negotiation, closing support, and management support after M&A.

We have been providing such services to various business operations and private equity funds, and our services have been highly evaluated from our clients.

Our Service

M&A Strategy Development

In order to achieve successful M&A, we conduct M&A consulting which include identification of business domain to utilize M&A, selection of M&A targets after designing procedure, and development of specific deals. Upon request from our client, we also provide business due diligence after strategy development and conduct training to internalize M&A process.

Business Due Diligence

One of the most common causes for M&A failure is a mistake made in deal evaluation. By conducting business due diligence, we can examine feasibility of business or possibility of performance improvement by the target company and understand the elements which may impact the cash flow in the future. Based on our past experience in numerous M&A projects for private equity clients, we can conduct business due diligence in a flexible and speedy manner.

[Case Study: Amusement Related Equipment Manufacturer] Conducted business model studies such as sales channel, revenue model, cash impact, etc.

Integration Planning and Execution

In order to realize synergy effect by management integration initially planned under new organizational structure, we promote enhancement of corporate value and development of management structure to support long-term growth. Whether or not the company can obtain the synergy effect anticipated prior to M&A depends on the total planning and execution process.

EXIT Support

When faced with difficulty in selling target company or unable to secure necessary selling price, we can support in resolving problems related to EXIT. We support and lead our clients towards successful EXIT by utilizing our backup data, detailed logics, and a vast network of potential buyers, as well as setting target with potential to create synergy.
[Example: Apparel Company] Created visually appealing Factbook which presents company's attractiveness and strength at the maximum capacity and prepared logical and convincing medium-term business plan