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Want to launch new business smoothly

We can support smooth processing of new business launch based on our past experiences and a vast human network.

P&E Directions has been supporting corporations in various sizes and industries, from companies listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange to unlisted companies. As of December 2013, accumulated total of our clients is over 300 companies and we have been conducting over 50 consulting projects per year. We have consulting experiences in 31 industries out of 33 listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We have a wide range of experiences and in-depth knowledge of those industries.

Industry Coverage (From both consulting and research projects)
  • Rubber Products

  • Glass/Ceramics

  • Steel

  • Nonferrous Metal

  • Metal Product

  • Machinery

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Transportation Equipment

  • Precision Equipment

  • Land Transportation

  • Shipping

  • Air Transportation

  • Warehouse/Transportation

  • Information/

  • Wholesale

  • Retail

  • Banking

  • Securities/Commodities Trading

  • Insurance

  • Other Financial Business

  • Real Estate

  • Service

We have a wealth of high quality human network in each industry. We support smooth and quick new business launch by moving forward with business strategy utilizing our vast network.

From Business Environment Analysis to Support for Planning & Execution

From “Theory” to “Practice & Result”From “Direct & Advice” to “Collaboration & Cooperation”Our company concept is to emphasize both Planning (P:Planning = strategy development) and Execution (E: Execution= strategy execution) and to provide comprehensive services throughout the process with consistence.

We are a group with diversity, and are prepared and capable to provide a comprehensive service of planning and execution in a variety of fields/subjects, Professionals with field experience in sales and store development, Managers with experiences in IPO, investment, M&A, restructuring, etc., Academic achievements (PhD/Masters) earned from domestic/intn’l universities


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From business environment analysis to planning and execution support

New Business Launch (Case Study)

Case Study: New Business Launch