We provide training service focusing on "enhancement of business performance ability"

In order to have a substantial result, it is necessary to have excellent human resources to develop and execute strategy.

However, different abilities and skills are necessary to execute different strategies and to reform company or organization. For example, it is necessary to have a strategic mind to move strategically, however, it is also important to develop consciousness of knowing "what it means by moving strategically" or learning "internal common language" to work strategically. Although the company sets the goal of "growth by M&A", unless many employees deepen their understandings of M&A, the execution of such strategy won't move forward successfully.

We can develop a training program specifically made for the situation clients face, and support to enhance the abilities of human resources in a short period of time.

What is "Execution-driven" Training Program?

P&E Directions will launch "Execution-driven" Training Program by customizing the program according to the needs of the client to achieve continuous outcome from the training.

Example of "Execution-driven" Training Program by P&E Directions

Customization of training program applies to a wide range of contents and there are many examples of such training program besides following examples. We recommend our client to experience our training program together with our consulting service; however, it is possible to conduct the training program alone.

[Case Study] Leverage Strategy Training

Contents of training vary and program proceeds with flexibility depending on the needs and progress of discussion. The goal of the training is for trainees to gain execution ability.

[Case Study] Training for Strengthening Organizational Power

Program uses actual meeting minutes, reports, and presentation materials that are used internally as training material to provide situation close to on-the-job training.

Case Study of Training