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Business Planning

We provide support for executable business planning and speedy execution.

The environment surrounding corporate management is changing very rapidly. The changes are caused by many factors such as slowdown in domestic economic growth, rapid expansion by emerging countries, and sever competition in the global market.

Needs for adapting changes in the environment and getting one step ahead of the change to manage a company had become greater than ever in recent years. Many companies must review their growth strategies and develop mid-term business plan which supports company growth. However, when it is difficult to determine the future environment, many companies may fall into the situation of "shooting in the dark," or "if you shoot many bullets, you may hit something."

At P&E, we support developing executable business plans to establish "unique" and "sustainable" competitive edge based on the strategy framework for re-accelerating growth by considering many options such as whether or not to take a strategy to dig into existing market, or to launch new product and services in the market, or to expand into emerging countries by taking the first step for global expansion, etc.

Business Planning with Execution in Mind

Composition of Typical Business Plan

Develop “Management’s Intent”, “Business Environment Analysis”, “Strategy (Tactic)” “Measures”, “Action Plan”, and “Numeric Plan” while ensuring consistency

Utilization of Business (Mid-term) Plan Prepared by P&E

Utilized to deliver results in “mission critical” times

Case Study of Business Planning Support