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Voice of Our Consultants

Kenji Kibe

I transferred into P&E Directions from a domestic independent consulting company, and through my experience, I believe that there are 2 main aspects that make P&E Directions consulting style appealing.

The first aspect is the support style, which can be defined as a "running side-by-side with the client" or "mutual development with the client". P&E Directions does not just support their clients by providing strategy development and operational process development as an outsourced project, they develop the strategies and the plans with their clients with the actual action plan / execution in mind. At times we would have numerous meetings with our clients in order to share the facts and unify our mindset and vector, in order to change the mind over to the execution / transformation. Therefore, in order to provide such procedures, our consultants require a sense of speed and most of all views and stances; because of this, there are tough times when hard work is necessary, but the accomplishment you gain when you are able to execute the strategy and see results is definitely great.

The other aspect is the stage which P&E Directions is currently at. The company was established in 2001 and so forth can be viewed as a company that is currently still in its growth stage. Therefore, the growth of the client, through our consulting service, will provide our company growth and in addition provide us individual growth, letting us grow together in the long-term over 10 years / 20 years. P&E Directions has been able to build an "environment to grow".

We look forward to working with members with strong minds towards growth.

Shuhei Yamada

P&E Directions is an unique consulting company that expresses its ideal / belief within its company name. As the concept Planning & Execution states, the way we approach support is by planning with our clients, working together in the execution process and ultimately develop value together.

Our clients are in various growth stages and because of that generally the challenges they face vary tremendously. In order to tackle each case fully, the work requires a lot of energy, and because we face real problems, it's essential for us to provide serious support and hard work for our clients, but, the fulfillment when we succeed in creating value for our clients is great. P&E Directions appeal is that we are able to work on a wide range of projects and are able to grow together with our clients.

In order to tackle each specific problem, it is necessary to be able to think-outside-the-box, have skills in constructing theories by compiling facts and having tenacity in generating results. At P&E Directions, each member continues to polish these points, and puts great effort in enhancing their ability to provide greater value to their clients. Last of all, because we have great members who provide support to clients in a humble manner, not only will members be able to develop their capabilities / skills but they will be able to develop as an individual within the work environment.

If you desire to become a consultant and share the same views in committing and growing with your clients, then we hope you consider a future with P&E Directions.