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At present, we focus on summer internship program for foreign university students living abroad.  Please read the following Qualification / Condition and contact us by e-mail.The address is as follows;

Job description

Research/analysis/preparation of documents involving management consulting



>Research and analysis of consumer products and industrial materials in overseas market

>Collection of M&A related market information, analysis of corporate information

>Purchasing data analysis, store study (field work), and customer interviews for retailer

>Preparation of presentation materials

>Preparation of training contents


*Sophomore at university or older. No specific requirements to department, major, or experience.

*Preferable if interested in businesses, capable of logical thinking, and experienced in preparing report using Power Point

*Preferable mid-high Japanese Language skill


P&E Directions Ginza Office
(Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Schedule(2017), Work Hours

From 19th June until 18th August, 2017 (9 weeks)

8 hours per day during our business hour (Monday - Friday between 9:00 to 18:00)


No compensation and no reimbursement of commuting expense

No lodging, No working permit (VISA) are provided

CV should be submitted for application.

Universities Accepted in the Past

Harvard University (every year), Brown University, North Western University, MIT Graduate School, Boston University, etc.

Countries Accepted in the Past

USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, China

Voice of Intern

One must be a first-class citizen before becoming a first-class consultant
2010 Male (Science)

Most impressive thing I have experienced at P&E was the business manner training conducted at the beginning of the internship. This is a program which reflects P&E's belief which is "one must be a first-class citizen before becoming a first-class consultant." During my 6 months as an intern, I was able to experience a variety of work from field work such as store survey and consumer interview at supermarkets/shopping center to desk work such as research of overseas market, analysis of financial data, and statistics analysis of survey data. I thought it was a truly wonderful environment in which interns can acquire general skills that are applicable to all types of work while receiving feedbacks from consultants.

As the skills improved, I realized I started to have more responsibilities in wider scope gradually
2011 Female (Graduate school)

With regards to Excel, Power Point, and research, there is an orientation at the beginning of the internship so there is no need to worry even you don't have much experience. I worked on many researches and macro-data analysis of overseas companies. As my skills improved and quality of my output got better, I realized I started to have more responsibilities in wider scope gradually, which gave me encouragement. For example, at first I was given an assignment to input data and conduct simple data processing, but then my task expanded to summarize analysis and implication to slide later on. I also learned key points concerning communication at work place.