• What sort of backgrounds do the employees have?

    • We have hired individuals with various experiences and from various sized companies and work experiences. Some of these include experiences at industry leaders, financial institutions and venture start-up firms, and in various divisions such as sales, finance, corporate planning, and IT.

  • I have never worked as a consultant?

    • During the recruitment process, we do not view having consulting experience as important
      In addition to the candidates' experience, we focus on whether the candidates' capabilities and thought processes fit the consulting profession. These may include abilities such as the ability to grasp the entire picture, and vividly clarifying what sort of problems the client is facing; the ability to break down the situation while creating a realistically detailed action plan in order to resolve it. On top of this, we also focus on the candidate's personality/character.

  • What sort of career step will this be?

    • We will decide on the candidate's career position based on the candidate's work experience at the time of the recruitment process.
      Usually through support projects employees will gain experience and skills, which will provide them with the ability to move their careers forward. Generally, members will see a step up in their career after 2 ~ 3 years.

  • What sort of internal training do you have?

    • For new employees the company provides OJT through project assignments, and various Off-JT through training programs.
      Regarding the Off-JT, P&E Directions management members and general managers teach the training sessions. There are 2 main programs: the "advanced training" which is targeted towards the senior class and the "entry training" which is targeted towards the research class.
      The "advanced training" focuses on increasing the professional's consulting capabilities such as grasping the big picture and structural concepts, as well as, managing projects such as fully understanding problems, laying out key issues, forming hypotheses and developing work plans.
      For employees that don't have any professional experience or background in business management, we provide an "entry training" program, which provides the basic manner for doing research, including, fundamental knowledge regarding strategies, organizations, finance and economics, and basic skill sets such as how to do hearings and field work, as well as taking memos.
      In addition, we invite key individuals from various industries to give speeches and run discussions with our employees every other month. In this way, we are able to provide our employees with an opportunity to discuss various items that they may not be able to experience within their consulting professions.

  • How are the professionals evaluated?

    • When the projects are completed, every member within the project will be evaluated by their project manager, based on the evaluation criteria.
      The project evaluation items are made up of 4 categories, and depending on the individual's position the evaluation will be done using 20~30 items. The evaluation results will be used for reference when considering the consultants' promotion/demotion and compensation.

  • Please explain what a support project is?

    • Support project are projects that support clients' corporate growth. These include new product development support, development and execution of sales/marketing strategies, leverage growth support including M&A strategies and business alliances, support in financing and corporate/business divestitures, business due diligence and market research.
      The duration of each product differs depending on the size and attributes of the project, but generally the projects last between a few weeks to a few months. Further information is available under our service section and track record section.

  • What kind of customers do you work with?

    • We work with a wide variety of clients, including industry and size. Some of the industries are producers of food, chemicals, apparel, electronics, transportation equipment, as well as trading companies, IT companies, financial firms,
      distribution/retail companies, and other service companies. Regarding size, we work with private companies from early stage ventures to later stage companies; public companies that are still at the venture stage to mid-size companies and large cap companies that are public on the TSE 1st section. We provide support to foreign companies, as well.

  • What foreign language skills (i.e. English) do I need?

    • We do not require candidates to have overseas business experience. Although, because of the work content and the characteristics of the clients, it is necessary for candidates to have a reasonable skills in "reading, listening, writing, speaking" English. We require a reasonable English level that should have been acquired by an individual if they had put effort in to learning the language within Japan.

  • I am a student, but do you hire new graduates?

    • We do hire new graduates every year. Although, generally we tend to prefer to hire students who have participated in our internship program, during their university programs.
      If you have an interest in our internship program, we post details regarding the internship program from June to September every year. Please visit our internship recruitment site for details.