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P&E Directions will comply with laws and regulations to handle personal information properly and appropriately as follows.

1. Basic Policy

The Company will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws and regulations. The Company will establish the Personal Information Protection Management System as our company rules and regulations, and will strive for thorough compliance as well as continuous improvement.
The Company will ensure awareness of our company rules and regulations among the board members and employees, strive for thorough compliance, and establish a management structure for personal information protection.

2. Validity Management

The Company will strive to keep personal information accurate and up to date. In order to prevent loss, leak, falsification, and destruction of private information, adequate safety management will be conducted and necessary measures will be taken.

3. Purpose of Using Personal Information

With regard to the personal information used in business, the Company will clearly define the purpose of use at the time of acquisition of information, disclose the purpose prior to acquisition, and receive only the information necessary to achieve the purpose.

4. Handling Policy

The Company will quickly and sincerely respond to all complaints and inquiries with regard to handling of personal information.