About P&E Directions


Naoki Shimada

Our company name, "P&E Directions", represents exactly the services which we provide: P stands for "Planning" and E stands for "Execution". Our mission is to provide clients support for business growth by focusing on strategy planning and execution.

Our job requires us first to listen to our clients carefully and to understand what the client is concerned about, what they would like to achieve, and what they are looking to acquire. This is because the more we are able to listen to our clients' thoughts, the more accurate our understanding of the clients' needs becomes.

With a clear understanding of our clients' needs, we analyze / perceive the case from numerous angles, validate the feasibility of our outcomes, and design a plan that is executable. We never settle on a "should be" concept, instead, we always keep the execution step important in the planning process. We provide accurate information, a wealth of experience, and a vast network to our clients. We think with our clients' on-site workers, we have continuous discussions with clients' representative in order to agree to a plan, and ultimately, efficiently support the execution of the plan.

In addition, we are committed strongly towards providing flexible support to any sort of situation. We always prioritize in meeting client requests, and we will consider and propose the most effective measures in order to solve client concerns.

We focus on creating long-term relationships with our clients, and we believe strongly in integrity and honesty. Most of all as individuals, we are always well thought of by our clients.

As a professional group that can be trusted with a good heart, strong commitment and great aspirations, P&E Directions will continue to work hard with its clients to achieve real and significant growth.

About P&E Directions