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P&E Directions Advantages

From “Theory” to “Practice & Result”From “Direct & Advice” to “Collaboration & Cooperation” P&E Directions is a strategic consulting company that puts equal emphasis on both Planning and Execution.

Our Approach towards Consulting Business

"Joint-Effort Approach"

P&E Directions’ Advantages


■ We provide services for a wide variety of industries and companies that are large/small or listed/unlisted in the market

■ We have over 300 clients (accumulated total as of December 2013), and conduct over 50 consulting projects per year

■ As a result, our consultants are exposed to and accumulating experiences of the latest business issues and resolving processes for various industries on a daily basis


■ We put emphasis on the on-site/live research at the initial stage of project. We believe we need “live information” in order to develop and execute an effective strategy

–For a corporate software sales expansion project, our consultants directly visited over 100 companies to conduct face-to-face interviews 

–For a retailer business due diligence, we conducted a fact-finding field study and visited over 60 client stores and surrounding competitor stores in order to clarify the root cause influencing performance

Human Resources

■We are a group with diversity, and are prepared and capable to provide a comprehensive service of planning and execution in a variety of fields/subjects

–Professionals with field experience in sales and store development
–Managers with experiences in IPO, investment, M&A, restructuring, etc.
–Academic achievements (PhD/Masters) earned from domestic/intn’l universities

■ We are a group of professionals firmly committed to our work. We emphasize our organizational value to be our consulting ability as well as our “willingness to contribute to performance” and “footwork”

About P&E Directions