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Synergy Strategy Development for Medium-sized Wholesaler

Developed synergy strategy by selecting and evaluating common functions in business operations and selected potential partners for creating synergy

Client Company

Medium-sized Wholesaler


■ Business diagnosis

- Analyzed strength/weakness/business environment of multiple businesses

- Selected elements that are expandable as strengths from common functions of all businesses

- Selected and re-evaluated common functions for all businesses (those functions were evaluated individually in the past due to the perception that all businesses owned by the company have no synergy)

■ Growth strategy development through alliance

- Developed different alliance scenarios by utilizing strengths derived from business diagnosis and prioritized the scenarios

- Broaden the scope of scenarios from competitor

-oriented alliance to functionally complementary

-alliance with companies in other business categories

- Selected 8 potential alliance categories including candidates that were not initially considered by the client/seller

- Organized the targets by "functionally complementary" x "attractiveness for target company"


■ Duration: 2 months
■ Consultants: 4 consultants

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